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This video discusses important information regarding post-surgical care for your dental implants procedure. Please follow these instructions carefully.

  • Do not touch the wound for a few days after having surgery.

  • Some bleeding or redness is normal following your dental implant placement. If you experience excessive bleeding, place a gauze pad at the site of the wound for 30 minutes. If the bleeding continues, contact our office.

  • Swelling is also normal after surgery. To reduce swelling, regularly apply an ice pack, a plastic bag or towel filled with ice throughout the first 36 hours.

  • Drink plenty of fluids, but avoid hot liquids and food. Consume only soft food and liquids on the day of your dental implant surgery. Unless otherwise directed by your doctor, you may return to your normal diet one week after your procedure.

  • Continue to brush your teeth, but be gentle when brushing the site of your dental implants.

  • Refrain from physical activities for several days following your surgery. Do not bend over, lift heavy objects or strain yourself.

If you experience any problems or have questions about your dental implants procedure, call Panhandle Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. You can reach us at any time by calling our 24-hour answering service at (806) 414-4217.

Wisdom Teeth Post-Op Instructions

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